Many MSPs think that marketing and sales activities are the same and that all marketing activities usually lead to sales. However, one thing people should understand is that you will always need both MSP marketing and sales processes for you to grow any business.

Effective marketing plays a great role in generating more leads for MSP businesses; however, if you lack a sales process, it won’t matter even if you generate as many leads as possible per week. Becoming successful in sales is the only way to convert your marketing leads into clients.

So, what is MSP marketing? First of all, marketing activities are the things done before any sales are made. Therefore, MSP digital marketing assists a business in identifying possible future customers, and allows the customers to be aware of the business and the benefits it can bring to them.

These activities assist a business in reaching its target customers and generating predictions enough to reach the business in one way or another. Customers can be contacted through the internet or phone calls.

Web design, on the other hand, is the planning, creation, and updating of websites. In addition, web design also involves user interface, colors, website structure, information architecture and website layout amongst others.

If all these site elements are combined, they form websites. In reality, the design of a website includes features which simplify the using of the websites and assist the users in finding any information they require without any struggle.

And that’s why a web design plays a very critical role in MSP marketing. One thing every MSP marketer should understand is that a custom web design will always boost their activities. If any MSP marketing company doesn’t have an effective web design, it misses out the opportunity to get many customers and benefits associated with such clients.  

A website can draw many customers that any other form of traditional marketing. However, the website must be designed well and have the right information for it to achieve that. By choosing the right web developers, a business can be assured that the website will play a very big role in connecting customers to its products and services, thus boosting the business’ revenue.

When it comes to designing websites for MSP digital marketing, the content of the website will always remain to be the useful tool. This is because a lot of customers today spend a lot of time on the internet searching for whatever they want before they even set foot in a physical shop.

A state of B2B purchases study conducted in 2014 revealed that 94% of all B2B customers research online before making any purchase. The question is, how should the marketers ensure that they reach the customers with this rate of online researches?

Having a relevant content in your website is the answer to this. The goal of this is to offer the customers visiting the website useful information of the products they are looking for. This, in turn, helps a business attract more and more customers, and generate more sales in the long run.

MSP marketing companies should ensure that their websites have quality content, not just about the business, but which also offers solutions to the target customers.

Lastly, every MSP marketing company needs to do the following with their websites:


  • Drive traffic – ensure that the design of the website and its content matches today’s SEO standards. Then, these companies should go a step further to invest in off-page strategies that drive traffic beyond search engine optimization.
  • Simple designs – a simple and straightforward design is the best thing for any website. Things like ads and complicated technologies will likely affect the web browsing experience.  
  • Simplify the conversations – any page in your website should be designed to convert. The visitors should find it easy to register, download or to make a purchase on your website.