The 18th and 19th centuries were all about mining. Gold, iron, oil and gas, marked some of the world’s valuable resources. These precious metals and natural oil and gas fueled successful businesses of the times.  Those who could mine, provide, and supply these precious commodities to the market made fortunes for themselves.

In the modern era, the world is shifting from the gold, oil, and gas rush; to data rush. Data is the gold of the 21st century. Every industry, whether formal or informal, is data-dependent. Resultantly, businesses need to proficiently collect, store, and extract value from volumes of data. That’s the only way through which they can manage pull the strings of the business arena.

Surprisingly, many businesses are not well prepared to secure and manage their data. Despite information being the most valuable assets in the current age.  That is why cybercriminals make headlines for breaching highly-sensitive data. Demanding billions of ransom from organizations that failed to secure their data.

The biggest mistake that some companies make is failing to trust the storage and management of their data with experts. Atop focusing on their specific niches, some entities have the urge to double up as data security experts.

That said, unfolding is why you need to trust Fusion Computing Limited Managed IT Services Toronto with the storage of your sensitive data.

You understand what you are protecting

There are different levels of data classification. The most basic form includes restricted, confidential/private, and public data. Most businesses are susceptible to hackers. Because they don’t understand where their sensitive data feature. Even so, with the services of an managed it services provider, it is possible to set policies that categorize data.

By understanding what is sensitive in your data, you will be at a position to store it well. For example, if your IT expert ranks any dataset that contains personal information as sensitive, they will encrypt it for best security.

Additionally, based on the classification assigned to a given dataset, users will comprehend the kind of information they are handling. This will make them cautious of their data handling skills, as they can only protect what they know.

Managed it services put in place strong privacy policies

By classifying the sensitivity of data at hand, it is possible to set robust privacy policies. Most institutions that handle sensitive data encounter the challenge of installing, enforcing,  monitoring, and upgrading vulnerable data governance protocols.

Your IT expert will start by addressing the insider threat, which regulates internal access to sensitive content. For example, collected customer information will only be accessed by employees that are concerned with customer service. To curb external threats, on the other hand, the various platforms handing such information will be synchronized with end-to-end encryption. This will secure any retrieved data while in transit from one user to another.

You will never underestimate the threat

Hundreds of surveys conducted by various institutions show a majority of small businesses are less concerned about their cybersecurity. They have no policies in place to protect their data integrity. And believe larger enterprises are targeted by hackers more than they are. Despite this misconception, thousands of small businesses have lost millions of dollars to cybercriminals.

By engaging a managed it services provider in storing your sensitive data, you install a proactive rather than reactive approach to data security. First, they introduce identity and access management. This ensures that all data is securely accessed. The experts provide strict authentification and monitoring of who accesses what data.

Access to sensitive data is managed from a central point. Which clearly outlines the rights of every user in regards to accessing information. Resultantly, the go-ahead approach provides entities with an apparent authority of the information employees can access within and outside the organization.

Most importantly, reputable managed it services providers set strategies to hold out against any data breach. As hackers come up with new ways to infiltrate networks, they equally work round the clock to protect against the damages of  a data breach. Just in case the unexpected occurs. Proper countermeasures are installed, outlining steps to be undertaken in mitigating data infringement.

You protect against mobile device risk

Currently, most organizations are targeting the flexibility of their employees. Making laptops, tablets, and smartphones indispensable devices for staffers working remotely. Unlike desktop workstations, servers, among other inhouse data infrastructure, mobile devices are more challenging to secure. Their portable nature exposes them to a plethora of risks. These include theft, peeping toms, phishing attacks, malicious wifi networks, and unauthorized configurations.

If you have workers operating on the go, your IT partner will play crucial in coming up with mobile devices policies. For example, the use of mobile encryption can be made mandatory. With clear guidelines in place on how to operate mobile devices, an organization can protect its sensitive data. The strict guidelines on the management of such devices safeguard sensitive data. At the same time making it accessible to workers.

Employee education

Employees are often the handlers of different types of data. If they do not understand the value of whatever data they are handling, they won’t be vigilant enough. Therefore, every organization needs to educate its staff on the significance of the data they are handling. Once that is done, they can then be trained on how to protect the information.

Engaging the services of an MSP in storing your sensitive data grants access to proper employee education. The type of training inculcated is tied to the nature of data your organization handles. The staffers learn the best practices of handing information to ensure that it does not land in the wrong hands. Additionally, they master how to respond to data infringement.

In conclusion

Many organizations are holding sensitive data at significant risk of infringement by cybercriminals. Trusting such data with a reputable managed IT services company decreases the risk of it landing on unwanted hands. As cybercriminals sharpen their skills, MSPs work harder to devise security measures.